Pocket Egg

Pockets (and pocketbooks) store our most valued possessions: keys, identification, money, phones.

Phones are the newest and most popular resident of our pockets. Unfortunately, phones dominate us and throw off the delicate balance of our pocket ecosystem.

This is a problem, but luckily, there’s now a solution.

Introducing Pocket Egg.

What is Pocket Egg?

Pocket Egg is a wooden egg that fits in your pocket and serves as a calming companion and “dumb” alternative to your smartphone.

“Pocket Egg? Are You Kidding Me?”


Everywhere you look, you’ll find people burying their heads into their phones. Recent studies claim we touch our phones 2,617 times a day. 89% of Americans check their cell phones at least a few times a day. 50% of teens believe they’re addicted to their phones. 27% of parents feel addicted to their phones.

While this is great for killing boredom, it’s also killing us.

Cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes per year, accounting for one in four of all accidents caused in the U.S. 11 teens die every day as a result of texting while driving. It’s cited as far more dangerous than even drinking while driving.

We can’t stop using our phones. Text neck is a health epidemic that’s ruining our spines. “Smartphone zombies” forced a Chinese city to introduce a lane exclusively for pedestrians to safely text while walking. Nomophobia describes how we fear losing our cell phone use.

We never faced an issue like this with our other mainstay pocket items.

Pocket Egg

Pocket Egg? Pocket Egg. Pocket Egg is a revolutionary new way to fill your pocket and get away from your phone.

A Pocket Egg is exactly what it sounds like: an egg you put in your pocket. However these aren’t real eggs. Putting a real egg in your pocket would be messy and quite disgusting. Pocket Eggs are made with real wood or from a wood-like material. Pocket Eggs originate from a remote village without any modern technology. They don’t use PCs, laptops, cell phones, or even the Internet. Because of this, the village is like a sanctuary to the slow, true experience of life, free from the tainting effects of the always-on society.

Pocket Eggs are the ultimate in mobile-fidget-relaxation-pet technology. You can share them with friends without using data or WiFi. You don’t need to plug them in or recharge them. Their natural off-white coating represents a subtle, sophisticated style.

Eggs represent life. They represent birth. People eat eggs all the time. They are delicious. Pocket Eggs are essential.

Pocket Egg is like the Pet Rock for the Mobile Generation

Most people view Pet Rocks as a fad yet those Pet Rocks are still alive today. Owing to the foresight of their creator, Pet Rocks outlived and outperformed their mortal counterparts for decades. Pet Rocks were hard to transport. Pet Rocks were not very mobile or portable. Pocket Eggs are mobile-first. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or jacket. The look and feel great in the palm of your hand. Pocket Eggs are smooth, round, and wonderful things.

Product Facts

Pocket Eggs Are Portable

Pocket Eggs Are Secure

Pocket Eggs Protect Your Privacy

Pocket Eggs Are Environmentally-Friendly

Pocket Eggs Are Not Edible

Pocket Eggs Are Better Than Fidget Spinners

Pocket Eggs Are Better Than Fidget Cubes

Pocket Eggs Are Customizable

Who Is the Pocket Egg For?

Teenagers who use smartphones

Parents of teenagers who use smartphones

Busy professionals who are always on the go

Anyone who is overstressed and anxious, especially when traveling

Conversationalists looking for the next best icebreaker

Party animals looking for a reliable party companion

Anyone who missed out on the Pet Rock

Anyone who remembers the Pet Rock and wants something better

Foodies who want a model that won’t soon disappear

Vegans who want to enjoy the look and feel of an egg

Fan Testimonials

“I like egg-streme things but this was kinda cool.”

“I hope I don’t eggs-aggerate when I say this is the most interesting product I’ve ever bought!”

“Super egg-citing when I found out I could customize my Pocket Egg.”

“An Eggs-celent Companion.”

“I’m an Account Eggs-ecutive working in New York City and this was just what I needed to stay cool during our busy season.”

“This was eggs-actly what we needed for our teenage son James.”


How Can I Stop Using My Phone?

There is no better way to replace your phone than a Pocket Egg. Pocket Eggs are roughly the same weight as most cell phones yet smaller, more compact, and round. This ergonomic shape conforms to the human hand and allows for a more pleasant grabbing and holding experience than cell phones. You get to still do the same actions you do on your phone, like tapping and swiping, yet you don’t get the kind of dopamine-hijacking, instant-gratification-abusing experience of using a smart phone. This allows you to slowly end your phone dependence.

How Can I Stop Using My Phone While Studying?

Studying is important for succeeding in school. Without studying, you will fail. And without focus, you will struggle when studying. Many students use phones to help distract themselves from studying, yet this leads to poor performance, bad grades, and a general sense of malaise. With Pocket Eggs, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Pocket Eggs are designed to not do anything except be smooth and kind of nice to hold. They’re engineered to be unexceptional so you can focus on the task at hand. Is there a big Chemistry final in two weeks? Put down the phone and pick up a Pocket Egg.

How Can I Stop Using My Phone While Driving?

Cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes per year, accounting for one in four of all accidents caused in the U.S. 11 teens die every day as a result of texting while driving. It’s cited as far more dangerous than even drinking while driving. People like to make fun of “don’t text while driving” campaigns but this is serious business. The only problem with these campaigns is that their messaging is lost on an addicted audience and they offer no alternatives. Pocket Eggs help cure your phone addiction and act as the substitute for your cell phone. We don’t recommend playing with Pocket Eggs while you drive, but keeping the Pocket Egg in your pocket while you drive will serve as a reminder to practice safe driving habits. Did I just get a text? Did someone just follow me on Twitter? Pocket Egg has no idea. It’s not connected to anything, thus allowing you the peace of mind needed to drive safely.

What Are The Symptoms of Phone Addiction?

Constantly checking your phone

Feelings of pleasure and safety when using your phone

Inability to put down phone in social situations

Checking your phone in line at a grocery store

Feelings of depression without your phone

Fear of losing your phone

Increased anxiety when losing cell phone service such as when traveling through a train tunnel

How Can I Test If I’m Addicted To My Phone?

You are. If you have to ask the question, the answer is yes. If you want further confirmation, Google search “phone addiction test.”

How Can I Cure My Phone Addiction?

While more rigorous studying needs to happen, I’m confident that the Pocket Egg is a great way to do it.

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