Let go into
A total incognito

Soaking in
Dry moments

Tinted windows in the
Temple of the world’s mind

Sheltered diamonds
And listless electric air

A lemon drop rest stop
Full of recycled towels

No need to answer anything
To feel real heat

Every single excruciating second
Enchanted with release

Skin, the body’s largest organ
Sweat, diamonds for a new eternal summer

I’m done with metaphors
Please keep conversation to a literal volume

No reason to ever leave a sauna
No reason to leave any sweat unaired


A piece from Sweat. In Sweat, readers are treated to thirty-seven poems, one for every Celsius degree of normal body temperature. It’s a collection centered around the experience of aging, trying to accept the things we can’t control, and the role holding plays in our lives.

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