Water or Sun

Creatures who lurk behind everything you don’t do
Would like to say hello

Treat them the way you treat grass
On a fresh spring morning

If it feels pale,
It probably needs water or sun

If it instigates something in you, then maybe you
Have something to prove

It’s cool

A town with a water tower watches over all of us
Big boss of weather spit shines rain, slaps the Sun’s behind

Mouthful of water
Lungsful of wave

Emblems, tokens, heirlooms
And other magical pocket things

A secret podcast featuring
The part of the universe we never see

The most beautiful glass of water
Just waiting for your lips


A piece from Sweat. In Sweat, readers are treated to thirty-seven poems, one for every Celsius degree of normal body temperature. It’s a collection centered around the experience of aging, trying to accept the things we can’t control, and the role holding plays in our lives.

Learn more at tylerfugazzie.com/sweat.