Lazy Research into What I’ve Recently Read Online

I decided to do a little half-assed analysis into the articles I’ve recently read from around the internet.

This is not a typical “hyperlink list of articles I’ve read on the internet.”

Reading List:

1 – Internet Companies
2 – Mobile Payments
3 – SMS Time
4 – Job Work
5 – Mission Personal
6 – Equipment Skills
7 – Leg Exercise
8 – Energy Feel
9 – Strength Stronger
10 – Work Love
11 – Version Grow
12 – Pattern Behaviors
13 – Meditation Workshop
14 – Minimalist Training
15 – Training Strength Week
16 – Made World
17 – Happy Happens
18 – Technological Humans
19 – Work Life
20 – Meditation Company
21 – About Interview
22 – Million Company
23 – Bowl Super
24 – Time Phone
25 – Work Apply
26 – Genius Baggage

The words that appeared more than once in this list are: work, time, strength, meditation, training, company.


I should spend my time working to train a strength company in meditation. Or I should spend time strength train instead of working for a meditation company.


Curiosity and laziness.

I pulled articles I had easy access to (clipped Evernotes, recently read section of Feedly), applied a word count with WriteMonkey, then picked the top keywords for the articles.


TheseĀ sound and look like song titles.

I cheated with 15 because “Strength Week” made me giggle.

“Happy Happens” might be my favorite.

“Technological Humans” is my second favorite.

This was way more fun and slightly more insightful and actually much less lazy than a typical list than I expected.

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