Mutant Deadline

I was told I have an hour to mutate into something else entirely and I’m not sure what it is or what it needs to be or what it should be or what to do to reach it and I’m not even sure I’m not already something else entirely at this time and at all times.

After the deadline was set I looked around my genes but none of them were ready to change. I asked them nicely, but they said no. I explored my thoughts and they floated away before I could explain to them what needs to happen. I reached for my skin cells and they flaked away; I lost some time dusting the floor.

So now there’s only five minutes left, what to do, what to do.

Salt might do the trick. I’ve read that salt changes chemical compositions. I think. Sounds about right.

I’ve got some salt somewhere around here. I know I do. Where’s the salt? It’s somewhere around here I know it.

I’m not making this deadline.

But if I’m already mutating at ever time then I’m already something else entirely, something different from what I was or who I was when the deadline started so maybe I already met it but maybe the deadline changes with every change in time but if changing into something else has already happened and is not necessarily something I can do at will anyway but moreso a function of time then maybe I did meet the deadline.

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