There’s a reason why this word is shorter than it’s smiling counterpart. It’s efficient. It’s definitive. It’s the final stop for wavering maybes or tentative positives or radio silences.

No allows you to save your time in situations you don’t want to or simply can’t afford to do something. No isn’t simply a door in the face or a fly swatter in a world of gnats, it’s a way to harness your energies towards the activities you deem the most meaningful.

Its saying no to a link online that would lead you down an endless, lateral trail of other increasingly worthless links. It’s saying no to plans with friends when you need to exercise or spend precious free time working on a creative project. Conversely, it’s saying no to your self-improvement and creative endeavors when they cross into self-indulgence and cause you to neglect important people, important relationships.

No provides clarity about who you are and what you want and where you plan on going.

I don’t want people to say yes to me if they’re just being polite or trying curry my favor. I get less offended if I ask you something and you say no, and really mean it, than if you give me any other answer or try to disguise the no in delays and a series of rationalizations.

Sometimes no is the most honest and helpful thing you can say.

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