Experience is an emerald. It shines green, assumes a jagged form, and tastes like luxurious lettuce, jewel-encrusted vegetables.

Say it with me: ex-peer-eee-ents

What does it evoke? Are you intimidated because the word represents a barrier to the entry-level job you need but they need you to have 5 years of it? Does it remind you of hard-earned truths, of lessons you could never have learned unless you lived through? Does it make you think about experts, ex-lovers, or extended family? Excellent marks on your work, or exciting excavations of your efforts?

Does it fulfill you more than material goods? Do you think of concerts, parties, outdoor adventures, paid summer gigs, amusement park trips, museum exhibit excursions? Do you think of brief, hidden moments?

Do you see how you can never lose it?

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