Drag Ideas Through the Mud

Creative work starts with an idea. Or ideas.

These are the ingredients that form the organizations we interact with, the products and services we buy, the media we consume, and the tools we use.

And when we want ideas to move outside of the mind, we need to drag them through the mud.

Ideas in their birth stage, that beautiful “a ha moment” or the overdue realization from months of hard work, are precious, delicate, and pristine. We sometimes want to protect them from the dangers of the world. We’ll hold onto the idea, afraid that there are too many contaminates in the air that will ruin it. We’re afraid that a well-place criticism will crack it open, rendering it unsalvageable.

We would have to mourn the death of our precious idea.

From my personal experience, ideas are most worthwhile if we drag them through the mud. What I mean by drag them through the mud, is that we need to quickly test the strength of the idea and its ability to live in the real world.We need to develop it. We need to tell others about it.We need to test. We need to try.

Our ideas need to get dirty if they’re ever going to survive.

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