“Thanks for calling Number Assignments Associated, this is Marina speaking, how may we help you today?”
“Yeah I need a reassignment.”
“Okay, can you please confirm your number?”
“Checking…please hold…

Hello sir?”
“I’m still here.”
“Thanks for holding sir, it’s a pleasure to help you, I see that your original number was assigned by the Toll Free Number’s Association and you’ll have to contact them.”
“I called them and they told me I need to call here.”
“I’m sorry sir, but there’s nothing we can do on our end. What I can do is connect you to the Toll Free Number’s Association. Would you like me to do that?”
“No because I just talked to them and they said since I’m trying to get a new number assignment outside of the 555 range that I need to call the Number Assignments Association. I was given my Current Access Code and Security Pin, which should allow me to make this change.”
“…I understand sir. We thank you for allowing the Number Assignments Association to help. Hold on one moment while I transfer you…

If you are a new assignee, press 1, if you are an existing assignee and would like to renew your number, press 2, if you are an existing assignee and would like to cancel your number, press 3, if you are an existing assignee and would like to request a new number, press 4, for all other questions please hold.

You pressed 4…if that’s correct, please press 1…

You pressed 4…if that’s correct, please press 1 again…

You pressed 1 again, please hold…

Thank you…please explain your request for a new number.”
“I want people to take me more seriously. I want to stand for something real, and not just be an invention for movies and TV shows.”
“Thank you for your explanation. We appreciate your call here at Number Assignments Associated. Please hold while we evaluate your request.

Thank you for holding. We’re connecting you to one of our New Number Request Specialists, please hold.


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