Red Tape Race

Quickly quickly quickly moved the four young men with trim haircuts and matching vaguely-fitting brown suits. They went to the registration table, and then to the check-in table, and then to the second registration table, which eliminated one of the men because he didn’t have the correct documentation. Three men remained, sweating through their suits, going up one floor to speak with the proper department, before being shuffled to another department to file another piece of documentation. One man waited on the line for nine minutes before realizing he was supposed to fill out the slip of paper at the front of the office before going on the line. Out.

The two finalists, true rivals, shuffled and shuffled their way up the floors. They finally reached the fifth floor and found themselves filling out another form. The man with the faster handwriting finished first. He submitted his form and was the only man of this group to qualify for the Red Tape Race.

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