IMAX Screen

Who who are these people
What’s this on my body
They’re all staring at me

I’m a star! A star I tell ya
I’ll have to tell mom and dad
Oh boy
Look at this, look over here, look over there
They’re so mesmerized
I must be doing this right
This is so exciting
I love these people, these are my people, these are my friends

Wait wait where are you all going?
No don’t leave me
How can you do this to me
You wake me up, these pretty projections shine on me, you eat me up, chew me up, and then spit me out
Just like that? It’s only been a short time

No one’s left watching
They left me
I’m finished
I thought I finally found it and now it’s gone
I feel so blank

Hey, someone’s coming in?
Another person?
And a group of kids?
Now some teenagers?
An older couple?
College lovers?

They’re back! But wait a minute
This is a whole new crowd
But they’re all facing me
The projections are back

I’m back!

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