the invisible store

here’s a groundbreaking startup idea
“the invisible store”
a retail space with shelves, clothing racks, and display cases
filled with invisible products
not just any products
but one-of-a-kind gifts that perfectly fit each customer
looking for a wedding gift? a rose from an ancient Roman couple will say, “love”
looking for your young daughter’s birthday gift? a unicorn egg will mark the occasion like no other
looking to thank a longtime mentor? get them a volcano alarm clock

think about it:
no real inventory, yet unlimited inventory that can be conjured up in seconds
no return policies for customers: what can they even return?
you don’t pay taxes on invisible goods
you can charge premium prices based on the exoticness and scarcity of the product
you will attract tons of word-of-mouth and newspress media and social media buzz attention
it’s infinitely scalable
it’s sustainable and eco-friendly, the most eco-friendly

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