better by foot


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list of pieces

  • intro
  • pedestrians
  • the celebrated pedestrian
  • street magician
  • street art
  • street clothes
  • appear ubiquitous
  • untattoed calves scrape across the wind
  • butt’s gifted
  • a couple flowers
  • orange hand pace
  • i’m going nowhere up and forward
  • eyes there are
  • autopilot
  • revolving door blues
  • slow down
  • every body’s happening
  • here’s how i handle a chance social situation
  • here’s how i handle solitudinal street trots
  • here’s how i handle quickly political situations
  • the day disappears
  • this screaming man’s a signal
  • people come and go
  • knowledge economy second shifters
  • when you see someone do it better
  • when you see someone do it better, again
  • jaywalking leads to
  • an unedited walking recording
  • who holds the keys to the church?
  • the atomsphere and atmosphere
  • well go a different way now on an awning
  • look at the ads up there in the sky
  • washed out walkerfall
  • rear fire escape view (on a manhattan heights night)
  • stop night light
  • sidewalk
  • city-aged citizens
  • local knock off
  • bonus street greed
  • same tone
  • an oops imposter
  • i stopped to talk to him but i didn’t
  • crossing guardian group
  • move ahead
  • atlas vs. sisyphus
  • low-flying bird
  • rehearsed route
  • public surface announcement
  • superhero go away
  • out-of-towners
  • stubbed toe
  • infinity bridge

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