Oh shit oh jeez
I’m a certified machine
Turnt in da club
Crush a hunnid bottles
Moving models off my lap
Signing autographs
Doing dab
Sipping lean
Pick the pocket of the meanest
I’m the matador
Big bull in the china shop
Wreckless with my weapon
Cuz I kept it in my necklace
Now the models screaming
As I’m bleeding
But I’m too yams for that
Plug the wound with some diamonds
Now I’m vibing on this beat
As the VIP turning beet red
Someone’s calling ambulance
But I’m just doing dirty dancing

Life’s a dairy paradise
But these daily parasites
Are really fucking up my night
Get these normies out my face
My squad runs this place
They want us for our magic
And our dank, rare memes
And they’re unable to experience it
My whole life’s a fable
I’m the modern Clark Gable
I get fresh diamonds to my table
And I eat em til I die
Then I pay for resurrections
Because Jesus is my guy
Better than a billionaire
Everyone remembers me and
I can buy the afterlife

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