Buddy Holly was the original Mac DeMarco and 22 was his final number. Everyday seems a little shorter. Every time I turn a new number, I conclude that this current number is my favorite. I’m the benefactor of a bias towards the now and new, and looking at the date on my phone reminds me that I have no desire to apply the scientific method to my life. I’m going through a process of unschooling, mistake-driven self-discovery, and fate-rattled acceptance of uncertainty. I’m zooming in for closer inspection on the state of my organic matter. This happens with Mandelbrot precision because birthdays are a great excuse to self-perfect. The world population was at 5.3 billion people when I was born, which is a lot of voters, and I’m sketching a business plan based on knowing the world’s true population at any given moment. Do you think you would die if billions of people sang happy birthday to you?

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