It’s more important to have warm palms than patience. Holding a cup of coffee before a new handshake allows me to forget I’ve been paralyzed from the sense of courtesy down and I can communicate warmth physically, with a little consumerist hack. When they tell you to be yourself they don’t tell you how badly you’ll feel about it. When your parents fight they don’t tell you that internal turmoil is genetic. I’m not sure what right I have to ample personal space but I will fight to the death my right to defend it. Invading my immediate air space is usually interpreted as a hostile act except in rare circumstances. As long as my spinal cord is still intact, there’s only so far I can stick my neck out for others. I’m tired of external forces moving me but there’s only so much time to fight. I like little social tricks because I can’t be bothered to not be an asshole.

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