Years of work and monthly payments and fitful sleep
To become Dr, Prof, Hon,
Sen, Sec, Pres
Maj, Capt, Gen

Not me, not now, I remain Untitled Man
And that’s the way I like it

Diogenes rather than Over-the-Counter Genius

I find me the Ms, Miss, Mrs
For me
(For I miss love)
An Untitled or Titled Woman
No matter no matter

Not like a grade school fancy,
high school crush, college passion,
postgrad “something-to-do;”

Not a middle-aged “Way to Reclaim Youth”
(college passion pt. 2)
nor an old-aged “Last Hurrah”
which may be awesome but nowhere near as crucial as leaving younger companions
with my remainders

As long as what we share is untitled
For me
For I miss love
And an empty cup aches

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