“I’m sorry, that’s not correct”
She said, removing the dagger from his chest

Sammy’s eyes paused the world
And he retreated from the scene

Students piled into the small auditorium
Chatter bouncing off the brown-stained seats
“It’s not fair,” Sammy thinks

Harris Miller gets up to the stage and raises his arms
Classmates laugh and cheer for his welcome, entertaining presence among
Spoiled bookworms and gifted-and-talented nerds


Was all Sammy needed to hear to try to correctly spell his word again
It didn’t make sense
He had a talent for English; spending time in advanced reading classes and gloating about his command of language

Laughter broke Sammy’s thoughts
Harris triumphantly messed up his word
To the resounding approval of the audience

“I can be funny too,” Sammy thought, his eyes welling up

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