writers like to do this thing where they’re like

“as i’m writing this, i sit on a laptop by a pool, by a living room with a bearskin rug and a broken chandelier…”

they like to act astonished at the state of the moment

“wow i’m using this machine to connect to other machines to connect to humans, with invisible waves, radio waves, the same ones orson welles used to terrorate and alienize listeners”

the best state of the moment in recent memory came courtesy of famed endurance artist and metamodern provocateur shy labuff

shy is a child star turned transformer turned artist who chromecasted his life for all of us to see except it wasn’t a regular part of life it was him spending three days of his life sitting in a movie theater watching himself act in movies 

wow we watch famous manboy in movie watch self this was so make me think self, audience, watch, act, reflection, fame, celebrity, subject, artist, reaction, statement, narrative, perspective, technology, humanity, eyes, popcorn, hoodie

i’m you tubing it now. this is the citizen kane of our modern lifestreaming times

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