Are you because you want it
Or because a lot of people want it   

Are you part of the show
Or running it 

Can you steal the script
When there’s no action in it 

Trapped inside the spotlight like the seal of orichalcos
Cruisin with newsless Huey Lewis like Gwyneth Paltrow
Marxism my words Groucho
Palo Alto is a fake lifechanging salvo
When all you really need is a mouthful of Tabasco
And tickets to see Rascal Flatts
Basic actors in the back fighting for their checks

The content of this poem is to harass all the assholes
Who want me to make sense and reach commercial success
When the only reason I do this is to find a template for the mess of existing and persisting

You know it’s all fun and games
When you’re controlling someone’s fame
Overstimulating basement jams and lame Instagrams

Can you hide behind the scenes
Nah mean

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