Ice Cream Day

I haven’t posted anything for a few months and I’m inspired to share again.

The first thing I noticed was that my previous theme had grown dull.

I decided to go with WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme, the default for 2016, for my new one. As I was deciding on a background color, I originally wanted to go with cream so it would resemble the pages of a Moleskine plain notebook for easy-on-the-eyes reading.

This in turn motivated me to look for an ice cream color palette.


This was okay but I wanted something more vibrant and without that brown stripe. I searched for ice cream on Adobe’s color app and landed on this “Sixties Ice Cream” theme.


This hit the spot for me. Much like actual ice cream on a hot summer day.

Now that the new aesthetic is settled, it’s time to share new content before it melts.

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