Barely There and Mostly Gone Day

Here’s what a week usually feels like:


There’s a clear point where one day ends and the next begins; division between the days and a sense of differentiation from one to the next.

Here’s what this week has felt like:


I can’t tell if it’s because I’ve done the same activities through the week, because my whole attention at work is currently focused on this project of getting our conference page ready for exhibitors and sponsors, because my insomnia is acting up, or there’s something else going on, but it has felt like the week, and today especially, is barely there and mostly gone.

I didn’t feel like today ever started and before I knew it, it was already nighttime.

One of my roommates moved in around May to replace a friend of mine who moved back to New Jersey and she’s looking to leave already. Barely there and mostly gone.

It’s the transience. It’s the continued come and go, where the coming is subtle and the going was already in motion. A disappearing act. Very unlike limited friction.

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