Limited Friction Day

I had a small argument with my boss regarding the timeline for a project. Stemming from miscommunication, we both had different ideas about when something needed to be ready. Projected deadline was moved up a month. Friction.

The project itself involves setting something up on the web for a conference we’re hosting in April. I’ve decided to use a new premium WordPress theme, which is already looking great, but there’s some friction with using a new back-end and a whole new set of plugins.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.26.52 AM

It’s the Gather – Event theme available on ThemeForest.

I also spent time playing half-supporter, half-Devil’s Advocate with my coworker regarding Donald Trump. She’s understandably adamantly opposed to the possibility of him as President and can’t understand why anyone would support him. This election cycle has escalated the touchiness of politics into something akin to drawing swords at the very mention of a candidate’s name but we had an ultimately productive discussion extending into our larger social, economic, moral, political, and philosophical beliefs. Limited friction.

(For what it’s worth, I currently identify as a centrist and mostly align with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. My current decision is whether or not I will go with the Third Party vote or send a +1 for this cycle’s GOP ticket nominee)

Friction can be helpful because it allows us to gain footing and get somewhere. Ever tried sprinting across a sheet of ice? As opposing forces become greater, however, friction turns into scraping, and then into grinding, and then into a halt.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 is Election Day and this deadline is not changing. 435 voting-member seats in the House of Reps, 34 of the 100 Senate seats, twelve state governorships, two territorial governorships, and other state and local elections are happening in addition to this incredibly polarizing Presidential contest.

Limited Friction Day feels like a drag but tomorrow’s on its way.

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