Gold Shavings Day

My debit card info was stolen. Third or fourth time this has happened. This the era of identity theft. Although on the scale of possible identity thefts, nicked debit card info is like a cavity.

My morning started off with both my debit and credit cards being rejected when trying to get breakfast. Spent an hour and a half having to deal with that issue: getting a new card, submitting the paperwork to reclaim stolen money, and checking with the credit services team about my card activity.

Money is just numbers going in and out of servers, up and down in online accounts. I want to invest in gold and pay for things with gold shavings.


Gold shavings? What happened to my savings? I’m trialing You Need a Budget (YNAB) right now which is a personal finance app like Mint, with a more hands-on methodology that’s about “finding the right job for each dollar” which I somewhat get but need to run and read more about to better understand.

What ever happened to Robin Hood? Stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor is a damn compelling story. Maybe “the rich” is relative and reductive. Income inequality is still very real in the United States and there are loads of different ways to be “rich.”

Maybe the person who took my card did it out of necessity. Maybe I’m the rich person from their perspective and they feel completely justified in what they’re doing. Or maybe they’re way better off than me and this is how. The fraudulent purchases all came from Massachusetts. Maybe some vague MIT-associated junior-level hackers.

At least I have a shiny new debit card now. Though I wish I had a shiny new bank account balance.

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