Detective Hardball on Milwaukee

Host: And we’re live with Detective Hardball. Thanks for joining us Detective. We’re hoping you can comment on the situation happening in Milwaukee.
Detective Hardball: Murder.
Host: In 2015, it appears as though there were 145 homicide victims in Milwaukee, which is the highest number of homicides in the city since 1993.
Detective Hardball: These streets are covered in murder.
Host: I imagine you, like most people, are worried about this alarming increase.
Detective Hardball: Every day, someone’s getting murdered.
Host: Most recent stat I have here is from 2011, which reports the U.S. homicide rate at 44 homicides per day.
Detective Hardball: Every day someone’s murdering.
Host: It does make sense that there is one homicide victim for every single case of homicide.
Detective Hardball: Every day, someone’s getting away with murder.
Host: I have an opinion poll here from Country National News claiming most Americans believe there are too many unsolved and dismissed homicide cases in the country. And it looks like we’ve ran out of time in this segment. Final word detective?
Detective Hardball: But they ain’t gettin’ away from me.

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