Ellen Makes a Meme Mistake

Meme Intern: How’s this look?
Ellen: That’s clever! Maybe it should say something like, “This is how I’m running errands from now on.” Let me call Usain and make sure he’s okay with it.

Ten Minutes Later
Usain Bolt: Hello from Rio, Ellen!
Ellen: Hi Usain! How’s the weather?
Usain Bolt: Great weather. What’s up?
Ellen: Did you see the image we want to post? I think it’s pretty witty. Your smirk towards the camera is legendary!
Usain Bolt: Hilarious! Looks good to me. I’ll make sure to retweet it but I’ve got to go, I’m at the starting line and about to win another race!
Ellen: Good luck!

Twenty Minutes Later
Ellen: Folks it looks like we messed up. The internet is not liking the meme. People are calling it racist. Where’s Paula?
Meme Intern: I’m here!
Ellen: You’re fired! I don’t want to see your pathetic goddamn face within 20 miles of this studio.
Meme Intern: But Ellen! I’m so so so sorry.
Ellen: Get the fuck out of my face. And the rest of you…
Meme Interns: Yes?
Ellen: From now on, our new policy is more rigorous research and testing these things. Reverse image searches, pre-release testing with fans, and vetting our jokes with IsThisOffensive.com.

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