Musical Genius Has a Vision

Musical Genius: I have a vision.
Musical Genius: It’s a new album. The cover is a bluish purple flattened wave.
Musical Genius: It’s called Various Points of Sadness.
Musical Genius: The whole album tracks a man’s descent into greater feelings of sadness.
Musical Genius: We start with vague melancholy and end with earth-shattering anguish.

Designer: Amazing. I see the cover now. It’ll be like a pink brick.
Marketing Manager: I have a name for it! “The Seventy Seven Stages of Sadness.”
Sound Engineer: Nice alliteration there Gale. With a title like that, you can probably have a track for different intensities of sadness. Like starting with someone who’s bummed and ending with someone who’s totally torn up inside.
Label Suit: Perfect! What an amazing team we have here. Now let’s get on it. 77 tracks is a pretty tough challenge but we’ve got the team to do it. Garrett, let us know when it’s ready. Let’s aim for next week.

Ten Minutes Later
Label Suit: Hey Garrett how’s The Seventy Seven Stages of Sadness coming along? Any progress?

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