If You Stream Nelly’s Songs Then Nelly Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Government: So it’s about $2.4 million you owe us.
Nelly: I said.
Government: We need you to pay immediately.
Nelly: It’s getting hot in here.
Government: Yes we’ve cranked the heat up in there to roughly half of what you owe us.
Nelly: So hot.
Government: Keep your clothes on Nelly.
Nelly: So hot….
Government: That’s right. Give us the money, Nelly.
Nelly: So hot….
Nelly Superfan 1: Quick everyone stream Nelly songs!
Nelly Superfan 2: OMG they’re torturingĀ him with extremely hot air.
Nelly Superfan 1: Everybody open up your Spotify!
Nelly Superfan 2: HIS BAND-AID IS MELTING!!!
Nelly Superfan 1: We can do it! Keep those streams on repeat!

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