2016 Emmys Reactions

Those Hollywood Types: Way to go everyone! Last night was absolutely stunning. We ended on time, there were no controversies, and we really shared some strong messages.

Bloggers: Wow, what a show. Those Jay-Z lines were killer. Where was Beyoncé though?

Political Pundit Guy: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a singular talent. More Emmys than any other actress in history.

Mr. Robot: Tell me you guys are seeing this too? That there’s a little Elliot in all of us? Are you all stealing my character? How much longer can I hold this trophy before it all goes away?

OJ Simpson: Spectacular show. Did you see Matt Damon? Did you see the fabulous dress Game of Thrones was wearing? Who would’ve thought I’d go from NFL to Primetime Emmys? I hope I can commit another award-winning story once I get outta here.

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