Dear God Three

Dear God,

What is guilt? I said I wouldn’t ask you for things but I will ask questions. What are questions? Is/are guilt and questions related? Is it possible if we lived in a world without questions, then guilt wouldn’t exist and vice versa? I know those are far fetched things to relate but stranger things can be related. I don’t have an example of something stranger which makes for a less compelling case. I’m hungry right now. Though needing one meal feels more manageable than needing many. I wonder if it’s better to avoid doing things that make me feel guilty or learn how to live with guilt. There are subtleties to this but if I learned how to live with guilt than maybe I would become a serial killer? Is guilt what dictates my moral code? Surely I have a sense of before that guides my compass to not want to harm others rather than an anticipated after that sinks my stomach. If I didn’t have a stomach, maybe I wouldn’t experience guilt, or hunger. We feel less when we lose the body parts that feel those things. The apathetics must be organless.


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