Dear God Two

Dear God,

Do you use any social media? What was life like before it? I lived through it but my memory is failing me. Maybe I am suppressing the memories because I can’t deal with the pre-social media time period. Was the telegram the first form of social media? Is social media a conveniently coined term for media companies? Why is it that I can’t see the stars but I can see the stars of my favorite movies and TV shows? I like any and all stars though, especially All Stars. I suppose at times I grow bored of social media. Part of it is my job for this nonprofit I work for. Do you work for a nonprofit? Do you commute by subway? I wonder if the subways are clean and quiet and retrofuturistic wherever you are. Some people do their work by coming into subway cars and playing music or singing or dancing. These people annoy me because they’re taking advantage of a captive audience, like the subway ads. I suppose I should be grateful because impromptu entertainment certainly doesn’t happen elsewhere but I judge them harshly for using a public space like a studio space. Sometimes strangers give them money but I’m a cashless devil which makes it harder to support talentless beggars. I’ll curb my meanness at some point. Although I will admit usually the better performances come from people playing in the stations and stops and not the cars. Maybe there’s something to be said about letting others stumble upon your art instead of shoving it down their throats.


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