@baseballcardvandals is clever. Clear name, reliable premise, works for insta.

Let’s deconstruct what’s happening here: nostalgia since these are all older, 80s/90s era cards, nostalgia since baseball cards are usually more popular in childhood (I care about this more since I grew up playing and loving baseball), nostalgia since baseball cards are like a retro, analog, dying/dead medium, different color backgrounds, silliness, consistency in posting with 2,346 posts since December 2016, a process that imposes a creative limitation and driver with the baseball card + permanent marker, remix culture.

Does deconstructing this stuff ruin the magic or does it deepen the appreciation a la that one Richard Feynman lesson?

Reminds me of Newspaper Blackout Poems. Both of these are visual. Baseball cards and newspapers allow for a very large supply to work from. How long do these card drawings take to do? What was the inspiration behind starting the project?

“Beau and Bryan Abbott, two brothers born in the 1980’s in a town called Springfield, spent their entire childhood obsessing over baseball cards. For well over a decade, every last dime of their allowance money went to funding their beloved collections. But as anyone who collected cards in the 80’s and 90’s knows, roughly 99.9% of these once sought-after collectibles are now barely worth the price of the cardboard they’re printed on. What to do then with the remnant boxes, binders and heaping mounds of these worthless, hilarious, irresistibly charming relics? Well, a long time ago these two artistically-inclined weirdos picked up their Sharpies and their most mediocre cards and began scribbling strange jokes all over them in endlessly shameless and shameful attempts at making one another laugh. Inexcusably, they’ve continued to do this into adulthood, and they recently decided to share their work with the outside world. The result is http://www.baseballcardvandals.com, the most ardently irreverent, beautifully nonsensical, brilliantly gross and sometimes surprisingly sublime thing on the internet.”

And of course there’s The Simpsons.

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