What the Hex is That Blue?

Here are six blues I find interesting along with their hex color codes.


Part of the blue-gray series of colors. These blue-grays are also known as livid colors, coming from the Latin lividus meaning “a dull leaden-blue color.” It’s also a way to describe bruises on flesh and gives us the “black and blue” expression. And yes, blue-gray is different from gray-blue.

International Klein Blue

French artist Yves Klein invented this color and used it extensively and sometimes exclusively in his work. From what I read, it’s impossible to properly represent this color through the web. This is also the color that makes the Blue Man Group blue.

Midnight Blue

There’s a blue for the middle of the night and a blue for the morning but Morning Blue, as I see it, appears too close to green to include in this list.


Part of the blue-gray series of colors. I like this based on the name and the color itself is cool as an almost pale purple. Rhythm and blues anyone?

Shadow Blue

Part of the blue-gray series of colors. The blue-grays are very attractive to me right now for some reason. This was created by Crayola to represent a metallic color but that’s basically impossible through a computer.

Space Cadet

A very dark navy. Apparently (according to the almighty Wikipedia) named this because it resembles what someone serving in a space navy would theoretically wear. Looks like it would serve some camouflage out in space but let’s hope we won’t need a peopled military there…

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