Here’s a GIF-based Mini-Game to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

“My goal is to publish at least 10 blog posts in September. The guiding principle for each post is: SHARE and/or SPARK CREATIVITY. Just in starting to blog again my antenna has been up for things worthy of turning into new posts which has been a nice shift in perspective for my daily living. It’s a mood booster for sure.”

September 5, 2017 journal entry

This is my 10th post for September 2017. I think I’ve mostly stuck to this guiding principle but since this is my personal blog, I’m open to watching it evolve and take different shapes depending on what’s inspiring me and what I think is valuable to share. Let’s hope this goal morphs into a system and I continue blogging into October and beyond.

Here’s a creative mini-game to celebrate.

On computer: Using your mouse, click on the GIF above and drag the image to the side.

On mobile: Take a screenshot of the GIF.

The card you pick is your brainsparker for the day.

How It’s Made

Giphy GIF Maker to make a GIF from screenshots of different brainsparker cards.

Screenshots of brainsparker cards come from the brainsparker app, which is by far my favorite mobile app. I have it set to notify me to pick a new card every day at 12:30 PM. I bought all the available card decks they have so sometimes I get a word, sometimes a quote, sometimes a specific prompt or question. With this setup, it works exactly as a creative inspiration mobile app should work: there’s a routine, it’s pushed to me, it takes seconds to read, and I can ignore it if it doesn’t catch me or it can be what influences the rest of my day. You can also go to the app itself to shuffle and pick from the card decks. I recommend this to anyone interested in keeping their creative juices flowing.

There was very clear influence (basically stolen) from this mini-game posted on Instagram.

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