“Feel” Project Part 8: A List and a Mess

  • Cut more material from the Google Docs
  • Reformatted material to be single lines per bullet point, likely to do one line per slide
  • Wrote new material while visiting MoMA – though more inspired by the space than any particular piece
  • An idea to do this as a public Google Slides that I add to on an ongoing basis
  • FEEL is for people who view memes as art and enjoy reading thoughtful comments online
  • FEEL is just the placeholder name for the project right now. Feel Like is another possible name
  • Updated the Google Slides with some inspo
  • Should I add some GIFs?
  • 3:48 AM and story ideas are coming to me. What if this was the story about a young man who loses his ability to identify his feelings?
    • After a freak accident, Ray Tungsten loses his ability to identify and express his feelings. He goes on a search…
    • Superheroes with specific feeling-related abilities?
  • “Hiding in plain sight” is an interesting idea that may have a place in this project

I need to see this as more step-by-step, even if it’s a nonlinear step-by-step. You can’t go right to love. Before love is a relationship. Before relationship is a date. And before a date is a conversation. Before a completed project is a set of pieces. Before a set of pieces is a piece. This doesn’t seem to make as much sense to me. I’m of course bringing this back now to the Feel project since that seems to be my current obsession. It’s messy right now. Looking to untangle and find a clearer direction. But maybe this is the bewildered lost stage before finding something else. Maybe I need the mess to find something better than the mess and better than the parts making up the mess. Intentional messiness to make sure I don’t miss anything. But I will miss things. That’s the nature of doing any creative project. I will miss things. I must focus on what is rather than what’s missing. I think if I look through older journal entries, it will help me find realistic source material to use for this project. And I shouldn’t feel like it’s cheating because even if it’s not writing something “new” it’s finding things I’ve already written, recognizing that they would work in the context of the project, and bringing them into the project. But I don’t want to bring “past” feelings into this because shouldn’t this also serve as a documentation of this period of time in my life? Maybe the scope of this is too broad. FEEL is a really wide net. But I don’t want to get too narrow. I’m also wondering how to fit in or not fit in other things that are inspiring me. I’m on a cyberpunk kick right now and I don’t really see that fitting in but maybe.

I feel fake.

This is Part 8 of “Feel” Project Behind-the-Scenes Blog.

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