“Feel” Project Part 9: Tear gun, a pleasure-maximizing algorithm, remembering an abandoned idea of sharing creative processes, and searching through notes

Tear Gun

Felicific calculus

“The felicific calculus is an algorithm formulated by utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) for calculating the degree or amount of pleasure that a specific action is likely to cause. Bentham, an ethical hedonist, believed the moral rightness or wrongness of an action to be a function of the amount of pleasure or pain that it produced. The felicific calculus could, in principle at least, determine the moral status of any considered act. The algorithm is also known as the utility calculus, the hedonistic calculus and the hedonic calculus.”

Talking to a friend and he reminded me about my YouTube idea to showcase different creative processes.

Here are the notes I have from that abandoned and/or postponed idea:

Try this at home

Intro the process
Explain the process, use an example
Own experience with process
End by presenting the piece of art
Try it at home (you try and share your art in comments and I’ll feature it in next episode

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiritori
  • Time Attack
  • Remix Everything
  • Pocket Egg (remove smart phone from equation)
  • Look Up Stories
  • It’s the Blend of the World as We Know It
  • Notice One Color
  • Beginners Mindset
  • In the same style (What is a …?)
  • Limited Word Set

Should I do a “Day” for different feelings?

  • Moody Monday
  • Wistful Wednesday

Is this project an antidote to rushing?

I conducted a search for “feel like” and “feels like” and “felt like” in my Evernote and compiled a list of lines I had from entries in there, mostly private notes and journal entries, which may find their way into this project. These would be authentic moments of feeling expression that I’d love to include in this project. I also found a late night free write free verse journal entry that reads like one of the realest things I’ve written but is not something I’m quite comfortable sharing. Yet. I’m also thinking about searching through sent emails from my work and personal emails for the phrases I searched for in Evernote to find more lines. We shall see.

This is Part 9 of “Feel” Project Behind-the-Scenes Blog.

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