“Feel” Project Part 10: A Path is Emerging

Two distinct lines of creation, the visual and the verbal, that will come together for the picture book slideshow.

The Visual

  • Meme formats, especially Twitter memes, sappy inspirational quote images, and internet “new age” as visual inspiration
    • A look I’ve been enjoying is a simple stack of images as seen by a number of simple meme images

Human After All (UK design agency) campaign


Cut Copy album and single cover visuals inspired by meme formats, image stacks, and new age album covers





Monkey Haircut Meme




Breathing Information

“A subreddit for gifs of humorous or randomly well-timed video overlay graphics. Should be from live events.”


The Verbal

  • The list of lines I have in Google Docs
  • Lines I grabbed that use “feel like” from my Evernote and work email, “feels like” from Evernote, and “felt like” from Evernote. These were actual feelings expressed by myself from my personal notes and journal and some others via my work email.
  • Meme-like expression, with hints of poetry but nothing too contrived or try hard

This is Part 10 of “Feel” Project Behind-the-Scenes Blog.

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