“Feel” Project Part 12: Knowing How Much To Do

  • Refining time.
  • How to stay interested after a breakthrough?
  • Knowing how much to do, how many pieces to keep adding, when to cut it off. The project can scale as large or as small as I want at this point really. Not entirely sure how to approach that. I’m going to keep adding pieces since I have more to add and it still feels incomplete.
  • Excited about the simplicity of it.
  • Grateful for the Creative Commons visuals and will add credits even though I don’t need to. Although maybe that spoils some of the intended effect?
  • Cut lines I don’t want to use from the Google Docs after printing and reviewing.
  • Inspired by Self-Help Poems by Sampson Starkweather which a friend recommend to me.
  • Discussing Metamodernism with a friend. Wondering if this work is metamodern.
  • Virtually no response to sharing this blog to prompt discussion about process on r/writing but had a decent response from r/rubberducks based on sharing the image below.
  • That pressure feeling to “get it done” so I can share it but needing to keep that at bay to make sure I do it right.
  • Making time after work to do this, struggles with energy. Thinking of spending less time on this. Will develop more slowly because I don’t want to get obsessive and grind myself out.
  • Inspired by Sufjan Steven’s interview on The Creative Independent.

This is Part 12 of “Feel” Project Behind-the-Scenes Blog.

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