43 Perfectly Valid Excuses for Not Going to the Gym Today

  1. You just went yesterday
  2. You have a bad back injury from lifting
  3. You’re recovering from a mysterious stomach-attacking flu-like illness
  4. You’re stuck at work writing the draft of an important email
  5. Your good friend who you rarely see anymore invited you out for dinner and drinks
  6. You’re riding a wave of inspiration and working on a new side project
  7. Your family needs your help preparing dinner
  8. There’s a really good show on TV
  9. You’re tired from sitting all day at work and have a long commute anyway
  10. You just don’t feel like dealing with the gym today
  11. You’re more interested in fixing your nutrition than in exercising
  12. You don’t really give a shit about your health because you’re a pop nihilist and everything is meaningless
  13. You don’t want to drain your life’s finite store of energy
  14. You were abducted by a gang of protesters and they’re currently using you as part of their latest demonstration
  15. You ran into Guy Fieri leaving work and he invited you for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Flavortown
  16. Your gym’s water main brake and the whole place smells like moldy towels
  17. You’ve replaced going to the gym with lifting logs in the woods
  18. You’re outrageously scared of being around people sweating
  19. You’re going to a therapy session to work on your prosoperspiriphobia
  20. You witnessed an off duty clown mugging an off duty mime and you have to help the mime describe what happened to them to the police
  21. You forgot your gym pass
  22. It’s Tuesday
  23. It’s a holiday
  24. It was recently a holiday and you ate too much
  25. It’s a holiday coming up and you still need to prepare for it
  26. It’s too cold and crummy outside
  27. It’s too warm and nice outside
  28. You fell in love with a stock photo model and you’re searching for their contact info to ask them on a date
  29. Your phone’s battery is too low
  30. It’s National Don’t Go to the Gym Day
  31. You got cast as an extra in a movie on the way there
  32. You have deep political differences with the treadmill at your gym
  33. You’re privy to a disturbing conspiracy the gym owners are running and you’re working on the case
  34. You’re not entirely sure the gym actually exists
  35. The person you want to run into at the gym no longer goes there
  36. You’re too lazy and you’re trying to embrace being yourself
  37. You plan to go the following day
  38. You’re already in perfect shape and you don’t want to get too fit
  39. You’re bored of everything you can do at the gym
  40. The gym is probably too crowded
  41. You forgot your gym clothes
  42. You have a gland defect that makes your skin play “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys every time you sweat
  43. You’re already at the gym

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