The Guy with the Giant Business Card

Are you tired of being Some Idiot with a Normal Business Card? Are you looking for bigger returns on your business card?

Why the Giant Business Card Works

Makes a big first impression that distinguishes you from those using regular-sized business cards.

Serves as the billboard of business cards, turning simple “contact me” stationary into a highly-visible ad that will dazzle onlookers and crowds.

People have to hold it and can’t store it away in their pockets or desk drawers. Pockets are for things we’re about to throw away and desk drawers are for things we forget.

Makes you and your offering(s) more memorable to people. The Giant Business Card is the only one they’ll notice in their stack of business cards. This means they’ll want to work with you. This means more money.

Because it’s so unique, people will talk about it and share it with others. Everyone knows the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Want Your Own Giant Business Card?

Reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll make it happen. It will be the best money you ever spend on a business card. Guaranteed.

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