Very Good (May 2019)

Dance Fever

Earth-Shattering Sneeze


Noon City



Rubber Neck


Thinking Cap, Dunce Cap

It’s Getting in the Way of Your Favorite Thing

Incredibly Tired Melodramatic Man Shopping at CVS

I Didn’t Even Realize It Was Supposed to Rain Tonight

In the Hallway, Farting Solemnly, Thinking About Capped Interest Rates and the Inevitability of My Jolly Demise (The Sunny Inconsequence of Any Contribution to the World)

No One’s Favorite Figment

Attempt the Gods

Lip Sync

Needless to Say

Nature Isn’t Mute, Humans Are Deaf


In a Bubble, Unable

Barefoot Man Arriving Late for Appointment

Puddles (Visions of Utopia)


Life Without Applebees (But With Enya’s Orinoco Flow)

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