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$5.78 – Paperback – 46 pages – 8″ x 10″

Just as sweat evaporates and we all have an expiration date, Sweat is only available to buy until September 22, the last day of summer 2018.

About the Book

In Sweat, readers are treated to thirty-seven poems, one for every Celsius degree of normal body temperature. It’s a collection centered around the experience of aging, trying to accept the things we can’t control, and the role holding plays in our lives.

This collection covers some well-treaded territory in poetry and features guest appearances by sea legs, the end of the world, space, a muzzled sky, hell, a glass bottle, Godzilla, a rabbit, a greasy plague, a magician, saliva, seltzer, rejuvenated limbs, almost but not quite inspiration, a pocket full of storage, dreams, tanned tourists, hallelujah, a giant footprint, nautical zap, the sun, the future, fish cakes, electric air, the cosmic turtle, a flooded front lawn, bikini straps, a water tower, leftover leather, melodic endurance, a long sleeve denim T, jorts, a sunburned lawn, shade, morning, a big bell, and a marvelous chirp of silence.

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Preview Pieces


Water or Sun

Made to Wear & Tear



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About the Author

Ty is an internet-based creative type, author, poet, and communications professional. Between 2013 and 2017, Ty created & published books of poetry Hool, a week into the weird, The Bronze Age, melon cereal, better by foot, 100 Word of the Day Poems, and TRAPPED IN DEJA VU TV, all of which are currently retired. Ty has also performed improv for hypothetical products he created, The Guy with the Giant Business Card and Pocket Egg.

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